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How to Remove Carpet Stains the Right Way


I think we would all agree that carpet stains, if not treated properly, can linger for years. It is crucial to remove carpet stains the right way and Southwest Chem-Dry has the solution. With our industry-leading technology, we attack the stains at the source. Our carbonating extraction process removes the stains, while keeping your carpet drier.

Here are some “Do’s” and “Do Not’s” when it comes to removing carpet stains:


· Always dab the stains with a towel

· Try to remove as quickly as possible

· If you do not have a special cleaning product, try using ¼ cup white vinegar and 1 tbsp. of dawn dish soap, then mix it with water

· Most common household cleaners including: borax, baking soda, and mild dish soap have a pH of 7 or above and work well with removing stains

· Make sure carpet cleaning chemicals are SAFE for kids and pets

Do Not’s

· Never rub the stain, this could worsen it

· Allow the stain to sit for a long period of time

· Use extremely strong chemicals

Once you have done all that you can to remove the stain, some professionals may be required to completely remove the stain and color. Click here to learn more about Southwest Chem-Dry's professional stain removal service!